• Do I need to contact a faculty member from the German University during the process of the application?

    If you are a PhD this is mandatory, if you are applying as a Master student, this is not necessary, but of course, it is an advantage if a faculty member of the academic area you are applying to is endorsing your application. Please note that by “faculty” it is meant a professor or researcher that is a faculty member.

  • I am a Bachelor student from India; may I apply to NAMASTE+?

    No, in case of students from India the scholarships are available only for Master and PhD students

  • I am a Bachelor student at the University of Göttingen; may I apply to NAMASTE+?


  • I just finished my Master degree; can I apply for a scholarship as a PhD student?

    You must be enrolled at a PhD program at your home university in order to apply for a PhD scholarship

  • I would like to complete my Master/PhD studies with a NAMASTE+ scholarship, is it possible?

    No, NAMASTE+ scholarships are only for stays up to 6 months

  • I have previously received a scholarship to India or to Göttingen; may I still apply for NAMASTE+?

    Yes, as long as it is not a Namaste+ scholarship. Namaste+ grantees can only apply once for Namaste+.