• I am a M. Phil. in Education student, and would like to know if this opportunity is for an application for PhD at the University of Göttingen, or if it is part of an exchange program/internship etc.

    Namaste+ grants are not for full degree studies. The grants are only for one semester as part of an exchange program.

  • How do I get my UGOE supervisor’s name?

    You need a supervisor at the University of Göttingen if you are a PhD candidate. As an applicant it, it is expected from you that before applying to Namaste+ you get acquainted with the offer of the University of Göttingen and establish contact with a professor or researchers. Therefore we encourage you to look at the website of the university and become familiar with the faculty and departments of your academic area: https://www.uni-goettingen.de/en/1.html

  • Due to the pandemic, my final semester exams happened a lot later than usual with the results having only come out recently and I have not yet received my graduation diploma for my undergraduate degree.

    In this case, is it possible to upload a copy of my marksheet for all three years of undergraduate studies? Yes, as well as a confirmation letter from your home institution confirming that you are an enrolled student.